Fundamentals of Natural Resource Management


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This is an introductory course to natural resource management. It is intended for Students and professionals in the field of geosciences who want to expand their understanding on how we are impacting our environment. The aim of the course is to provide a useful foundation and a basic knowledge in the field of resource management and sustainable mining.

The course starts by providing a broad introduction to environmental geology and how it applies in the field of natural resources and some basic notions around the subject.

Then, it moves to identifying the main natural resources that we need and use in this day and age while addressing the main technical and environmental challenges that accompany them.

Finally, it introduces the concept of natural resource management and the idea of sustainability as it pertains to different types of natural resources.

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1. Introduction & Environmental Geology

4. Conclusions

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Hatim Dellero is an environmental geologist with a Master’s and a PhD from the University of Adelmalek Essadi (Morocco) in environmental geology and Master’s in environmental technology from the University of Vigo (Spain) his academic career focuses on natural resources management, environmental impact assessment and spatial environmental planning for mining industries.
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