Probabilistic Assessment of Internal Erosion Risk/Filter Design for Tailing/Earth Dam


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Throughout the development of civil and mining projects which involve large dams and walls, it is essential to achieve an appropriate filter design that allows controlling the internal erosion phenomenon.

The course begins with an introduction to the design of granular filters and geotextiles, then the performance of filters and design for drains is discussed. Subsequently, the probabilistic application of the constriction size for the design of filters in earth dams and dikes is presented. Finally, an approach to reliability is provided in assessing the risk of internal erosion of earth dams and levees.

The course provides relevant knowledge about filters design and drainage systems which enable the correct performance of the infrastructure. In addition, tools for an accurate prediction of possible internal erosion failures are provided.

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4 Clases01h 37m 47s

1. Introduction for Granular & Geotextile Filter Design

2. Filter Performance and Design for Underdrains

3. Probabilistic Constriction Size Application for Earth Dam/Levee Filter Design

4. Reliability Approach on Internal Erosion Risk Assessment of Earth Dam and Levee

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Dr. Lee finished his Ph.D. from Purdue University, IN with a dissertation topic on filter design for erosion susceptible soils. He has worked for civil/geotech/mining/environmental consultants in five US companies over 15 years, and is now working as a testing supervisor of San Francisco bay area water district. He has published over 15 peer reviewed papers to date and especially three probability analysis papers from ICOLD, USSD and ASCE regarding internal erosion subject.
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